Our experts diagnose the problems, take corrective actions and safeguard future revenue streams.

  1. Outstanding Balance Collection
    We can go after your aging and bring your aging report to zero. Contact us today for more information.
  2. Billing & Coding
    By coding accurately, we avoid claim rejections which increase payment speed and cash flow.
  3. Claim Clean-Up & Submission
    The first thing we do is to assess the status of the client's finances and then come up with a sound recovery plan. Riding on long experience and extensive knowledge, our experts will come up with a plan that can streamline the finances again.
  4. Unpaid Claim Investigation
    Most claims are turned down for very simple reasons such as incorrect diagnosis codes. Our staff is specifically trained for troubleshooting such issues. We review your backlog of unpaid claims and reprocess these to get them paid.
  5. Fee For Service Investigation
    Our team will relentlessly research the fee for your area. We will also help guide you on the proper fees for your procedures.
  6. Phone & Email Support for FAQ
    Our staff is always there, readily answering questions that you may have concerning various aspects of coding, billing, recovery, issue resolution, collection and payment receipt processes. We keep you updated on the status of your work.

Increase your revenue by 50%​​
when you outsource your billing with BITBS!


The efficiency, accuracy, and reliability of a medical practitioner's billing practices play a huge part in his or her financial health. If the medical billing and coding in a practice is not taken care of properly the result is systemic mishandling, which then results in falling revenues and cash flow. We can reverse the process and come up with a custom program specific to your practice. 
When it comes to billing, it is of utmost importance to understand crucial topics like appeal processes, medical insurance, claim processes, and others, that help to optimize generated revenue and minimize the possibility of errors. If you're an optometrist or ophthalmologist practicing anywhere in the United States, and are looking for highly accurate, reliable coding that will help you optimize revenue, you couldn't have come to a better place!
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Starting a new practice?

BITBS provides all services and consulting needed to establish a practice for billing and collecting payment
at the time of opening its doors. Our assurance of satisfaction is backed by our hundreds of satisfied doctors nationwide. 

BITBS is the leading company in the United States that provides all pre-opening services, including:

  • Credentialing
  • Practice Management Software
  • Training
  • Service Fee Research Phone and Email Consultation
  • Custom Assessment
  • Recommendations Report
Here at BITBS, we understand that as a doctor, your specialty is in providing proper care and treatment for your patients. With this in mind, our team of coding and billing experts are prepared to help you optimize your revenue performance, so you can save time and focus on providing quality care for your patients. Stop spending so much time taking care of the whole record keeping and billing process by yourself. With our wealth of knowledge and experience we can quickly identify reasons for the rejection of claims, and review and re-process any unpaid claims. Making sure they're resolved in as little time possible. So, if you want nothing less than exceptional billing and coding services that provide you with utmost peace of mind, there's only one name to remember - Back in the Black Solutions!
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